You sat on the bed, next to a 2 year old Darcy as you cradled your 6 month baby bump. You were getting your makeup done since tonight it was a movie premiere for the boys. Harry was getting his outfit for the night ready. You smiled at Darcy as she started singing “You And I,” one of her favorite songs by the boys. You felt the baby give you a big kick and you gasped pretty loudly. “Sweetheart, are you alright?” Harry asked you, a hint of worry in his voice. You nodded slowly and responded, “yes, my love. The baby is just kicking away.”

As you and Harry rounded up to finishing getting ready and as the baby-sitter came to watch Darcy, you had a huge amount of anxiety rush over you. Lou and Harry couldn’t zip your dress. You felt the hot tears sting your eyes. Darcy noticed the tears as well. “Mumma no cry!” Darcy lisped looking up at you. You and Harry smiled at her as Lou repeated her. “Yeah, mumma Styles no cry!” She grinned slightly. “I’m sorry, I just feel fat since the dress isn’t zipping,” you said, looking at Harry. “Baby, you’re not fat. You’re pregnant.” Harry tried to soothe you. You nodded in response and you and Harry hugged Darcy goodbye and off to the premiere you two went.

*the premiere*

You gripped Harry’s hand, terrified that you’d fall over on your heels. Harry hated the fact that you wore heels while pregnant. He hated it even when you were pregnant with Darcy. You joked with him telling him that you needed some height to match him. Harry only stopped for one interview. It was E! News. “Hello, Harry Styles!” Giuliana Rancic joyfully says to your husband. You stood off in the corner talking to Anne and Robin while Harry did the interview. “Hello, Giuliana.” Harry replied politely to her. “Where’s your pregnant wife?! She looks absolutely stunning!” Giuliana smiled at Harry as he looked back at you with a grin. “She’s talking with my parents actually!” Harry called you over and Giuliana started asking questions about the baby and you and Harry let her feel around your stomach to get a kick out of the baby. Once the interview was done you and Harry took your seats and enjoyed the movie.

After the premiere you and Harry were driving home and you kissed his hand. “I’m so proud of you,” you smiled at him. He looked at you for a second and replied, ‘I’m proud of us.” You knew that you hadn’t made a mistake and that Harry loves you for you and you love him for him.

It’s been a while since i wrote a one-shot! I hope you guys enjoyed it! I will be making more just send in requests! I love you guys!!

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